Weekend has been a kind of hectic. May I say :) Yesterday, Sat, have taken a ride of a new train to the city. It was a long ride. Additionally, pretty crowded ... families with kids. Almost all around town folks were travelling. Sure, it has not been even a month since the transportation has started running. And then it is Christmas and all lights, which amuses visitors around the downtown and city. I have stopped by two malls and did buy a model from a bookstore. And had a dinner standing by lines about 30 min. Never seen so crowded. And walked around the light decorated streets and coming back home late.

 Got up around 11.30 AM and had small bite. Should go out soon. Still have not yet bought present for a colleague. We picked up names this year and will exchange gifts. Wonder who's got my name :)

Just came back from a mall with present for my colleague. And wrapped it and greeting card for holidays. Here are two distinct holidays around this time of year: Christmas and New Year. It is good to know they are very distinct. Especially, some people do not celebrate and some it is really meaningful. Therefore, be neutral and say "Happy Holidays." Otherwise, you could offend somebody accidentally or put yourself in a situation you would not like to be.

Anyway, wishing you and your family well wishes. Happy Holidays.

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