I came to work today. It has been snowing and it has been enourmous. I could not get out of my home and parking lot. Stayed home and did home chores :) The first day did laundry. Six loads :) and it took all afternoon. And I did walking. Sideways were messy. It was fun to walk in this much snow. And there were no one in streets … just like a ghost town. The second day was devoted for cleaning--I cleaned my bathroom. And played games. Both of days I did cook: soup and grill. They were yummy. It was good to be unplugged for two days and get relaxing for a New Year reading books, watching TV, playing games and surfing the internet. Being around household, doing chores and running errands are really give breaks. And they were snowy too.

                Both of days were full of dream. I did dream and still do remember them :) First they I saw a graduate from the same school. She is here now and talked to her several times. Well, it seems I do remember my dream. But I cannot write details of it. Guess I have forgotten. It seems it has been a quite long dream. Don’t know why she was in my dream. Are there any reasons to explain it? It is silly or question with “why.” Every “why” does not have perfect answer or rational. Second day, I was dreaming coffee even though I am not really a true friend of coffee. I went with some people to some place. There is a lady who is an owner of a little coffee shop. We were privileged to taste this special coffee. It smelt fabulous in my dream. Everybody was exclaiming her coffee. And there was a can of this coffee. A familiar can (I cannot name it. But it was an instant coffee can.) and it was opened. There was the remain of coffee beans and instant coffee. Was I craving coffee? Don’t know :)

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