Last weekend went well. As usual it has started on Fri evening checking out some movies and buying some sweets. And turned to coach potatoe.

Delighted,  I did not go to "Magic Mike". Our office girls talked to go to its opening about a week ago. And something happened with whom first offered it and we did not go. It was one of cheesy movies. Full of slang, street talks, and skin displays. Very uncomportable and inappropriate. And did not watch it all. Again, delighted did not go to this c..p.

I have got haircut. A girl who did my hair is bubbly and perky as usual most of hairdressers here. They talk or discuss everything. Subject is pretty straight open :) She is a colleage student and works at this salon full time. Her major is in relationship and family :) However, she says she would not like to practice in this field. She is looking herself more in HR areas. She thinks practicing in relationship and family is too much and overwhelming. Personally, I think it is one of easiest jobs :) You just have to have good ears to listen with patience. That is it. Anyway, she did nice job and exactly did what I did ask for. Would not mind to schedule an appointment with her next time.

And did run some errands around. It has been hectic and also relaxing weekend.

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