Intensely Chilly and Icy Cold

Recall the moment she saw her. You are silent, cold and chilly .... Most of all your eyes ... hard to word and picture. Triggered feelings of worms running through her back. There is no trace of womanhood in her. Isn't womanhood a light or spark of this universe? Unfortunately, she does have nothing.

There is no beauty, warmth, calmness and caring nature that can be expected in descent human beings. Her impressoin was not derived from their connection at this moment. It reminds saying " the internal beauty comes out externally." It recalls everytime they comes in her mind. Some people get along well from the very beginning. Some don't cause of the feelings that can not warm them up. A relationship just does not develop.  Just keeps her stay away. She is one of those people. Better to stay away. And she has already revealed her capability.

She is working on a book about her home country. Can she do a descent job? Is she capable? She does not think so. She is shallow and not capable. Apparently, she does not have background and experience in a field of history or this country.It seems her professional career made her this arrogant, self-rightous, and self satisfactort creature. Wish she would give up this idea or initial works she has done by now.

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