A Bible Study

Last Fri my colleague gave me a ride. Along the way our ride we talked as usual. She said that I am going to cook today. We are going to have a dinner for a Bible study group. It is only day I cook in a week.

We talked about the Bible study group. Well, I was interested and asked questions. She started the Bible study when she was a teenager, about 16 years old. Independentst study. How did start scripture study in this young age? Her uncle led her to personal search of God.

Her parents were protestant and catholic. Her protestant dad deceased in her age of 4 and she was raised by her catholic Mom. She was asked by her Uncle as a catholic “do you believe in God’s word, which is Bible?”

She said yes.

Uncle asked “Have you found catholic idols and rituals in Bible?”

She did not have sure answer this time and it made her curious. She started reading Bible and could not find answer for her Uncle’s question. She quit catholic nomination that made her mom disown her even though she loved her very much. She continued her search reading Bibles and joining and asking different churches. Ultimately, she found this group. The group answer for her questions was purely based on Bible and made her one of members of this group. They do have one gathering during a week for Bible study.

                I am going to join this activity at the end of this week. Personally, I cannot deny or testify God. Secondly, scriptures are always intriguing. They are a part of culture and civilization. And I read scriptures or religious reading in less or much extents. I read Bible. But have never completed them. In addition, it is fun to meet new people and mingle with them. I am looking forward to see the group.


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би үүнийг заавал ойлгоноо лили

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Bible or my post?