The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

Completed this book today. The book was offered by my close friend.  An Australian girl introduced him this book. I did not ask how they were acquainted and where this book came in this relationship. May I should ask about it.

Read a brief summary of the author's Norwegian Wood. The impression did not bring me any interest to read this book.

The first question I did ask "is it really dark?" when my friend handed me the book. He said "no, not at all." Ok, I will read then.

Here I would like to leave a short piece of of the book:

"Hatred is like a long, dark shadow. In most cases, not even the person it falls upon knows where it comes from. It is like a two-edged sword. When you cut the other person, yyou cut yourself. The more violently you hack at the other person, the more violently you hack at yourself. it can often be fatal. But it is not easy to dispose of. Please be careful, Mr. Okada. It is very dangerous. Once it has taken root in your heart, hatred is the most difficult thing in the world to eradicate."

A kind of phylosophical or teaching .... And not making a note on my personal comments on this book. Very briefly, incidents in different period of times intervened by chains of people. That is all I can say. Linguistically, a good one to read.

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