My Birthday

Өнөөдөр миний төрсөн өдөр. Олон дотно мэндчилгээ аваад баяртай байнаа. Өглөө ажилдаа ирлээ.

Receptionist: Good morning
Lily: Good morning. A happy international women's day too. Oh, you have got a bouquet. Lovely.

A usual week day. And started my computer etc. Soon after I have received the bouquet with an envelope--the greeting from my fellow colleagues for my birthday. They made my day more special and I have more flower bouquets ....


ЗОРИГТ8 said...

өнгөрсөн ч гсн төрсөн өдрийн мэндээ лили

Лили said...

big thanks :)