Have started reading the book by Sherman Alexie. He is one of iconic and prolific American contemporary authors. And would like to post here one intriguing paragraph from his piece:

"If you really want a woman to love you, then you have to dance. And if you don't want to dance, then you are going to have to work extra hard to make a women love you forever, and you will always run the risk that she will leave you at any second for a man who knows how to dance."

Sounds very pilosophical,  right. I did found it pilosophical. So far, I do enjoy reading of his pieces. And have checked out the book from the public library. I am looking forward to reading more of his writings. Next time novels or something different....

By the way, I owe very much the public libraries :) I do check out and do not finish them on time. And keep them ... my account is charged $0.10 daily :)


Yesterday, I did walk with Jimi Hendrix at my Pink. About 1.7 miles. Along the way, first I met a couple--both in gray pants, girl in a blue shirt and guy in a white striped shirt, and holding hands. I was in gray pants and blue shirts too :) But my jacket is neither gray or blue. Continued walking and turned to right.

A car is parking by the house. I was walking and came near to the driver' side--a gal came out. And smelt cigarette. Passed her. A gal with extremely long and thick hair came out from the passenger side. Parfume ... all parfume. Continued walking ... by the university campus... running guys, girls and guys walking with big back packs, walking keep talking on the phone .... A guy caught my eyes--with crocked pants, teal jacket and shoes and a shoulder bag with flowers :)

                                                           will be continued

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