Movies are on of my subjects I like to keep posting. Lately, I have not posted any on movies. Here I am going to add several posts on movies grouping and summarizing. You may like them or find some you would like to watch.

Rudy (1993)

He was from a small town. Pretty much every one in town works at a stell mill and boys go after footsteps of their dad. But Rudy is different. He wants to play college football for the University of Notre Dame. In order to be in the Notre Dame team he has to be a student there. However, his grades were lower to acheive a primary mission to play college football. In addition, he was small almost twice than guys do play football. People including his dad tease him because of these odds.

However, he overcame all these odds and fulfilled his dream. And he was the first the Notre Dame who was carried off the field by his teammates following the game.

The World's Fastest Indian (2005)

It talks about an old guy who is from New Zealand. His age and being financially less priviledged do not restrict him to fulfill his childhood dream. He is also very likeable and loveable. And one kind of personality.

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