I Have A Dream ... Simple One

I have a dream … It is not like a dream that Martin Luther King, Jr said a half centuries ago. My dream is simple. I want to come to work after 9.00 AM. I wake up after 6.00 AM and get up and start doing morning grooming. I skip shower :) I can’t take shower every day :) My skin gets dry and itches. My long hair … no way every day wash. Especially cool seasons like winter … again no way. Awhile I prepare breakfast. I like warm something warm for breakfast: oatmeal, boiled eggs, toast or omelets. l would love to have 1 or 2 slices of bacon, rarely. However I don’t cook them home. Too oily and too much cleaning afterwards.

Then I turn on TV or something makes noise such music or radio mostly TV. Around it I take sit, go around with my cup of hot drink and have my breakfast. It takes time. All the time it is 15-20 min to leave home and rush. I hate it.

My boss’s son always come to work after 8.30 AM that is time for people like me to come to the office. Poor me L I don’t want to be boss’s daughter. But I want a job I come to work after 9.00 AM. My dream is simple …

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