A happy Fri. A week is passing like a wind. There is always something to do after work--groceries, laundry, gym and some errands. And TV shows I could not skip. Overall life is busy and occupied with daily activities. I am committed to hiking and exercising this summer and am not going to any trips. So far it has been ok.

Met a guy from Texas. He is visiting for a couple months to conduct studies for his thesis. Originally, he has grown up in CA and went to school there--actually, he obtained two undergrad degrees, English and education, from there and worked at high school for few years. He found out that teaching is not for him. And he went back to school and graduated from a college with mechanical engineering and now he is working for his MSc. He is developing a sensor system that helps to maintain the most efficient electricity for buildings. His research is interesting and he is interesting too :)

Excited for the weekend ... gym is first and then sleep. Go for good coffee shop and read.

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