Halo by Angie Miller

Lately she has been listening to this song often .... It reminds her him. And she travels to the past with a smile, tears of a joy and the images of moments....

Good music and sound system are his obsession. She believes he is still the same guy who insanely spends for good music and sounds systems. She used to joke or sometimes warn him about his expenses. Last time she saw him about 4 years ago. Not about--it was exactly 4 years ago. He gave them some CDs ... all rock. She has not yet played them.

She saw changes in you. Visual changes. Deep down you are still a guy, she knows, who is sincere and geniune one. She thinks so. That is who she met and discovered. And they share moments they can not share with any body else and will not share with anybody else. Precious and innocent. There are wound, pain, and scar too--however, she does not regret for them. Wishing you all the best you deserve and want in your life.

She wishes she had the cool system he had and listen to this song lying on the floor of  a big dark hall with stars ... no one else just she ....

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